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How many people travel on a tour?
Generally the number of guest traveling varies depending on the destination . The average group size(guests) for World tour is between 30 to 40 and Indian tour is between 20 to 30. However, if a particular tour gets an overwhelming response then the group size may go beyond the aforesaid group size.

Who all will travel on my tour?
Your co travelers can be any individual, right from a professional C.A or Doctor to a teacher, a teenager, an artist, a politician, businessman, people of any religion, from any region, any language etc. When you return from your dream holiday, we assure you that there will be additions to your friends list.

What if I wish to extend my stay at one of the destinations?
You can extend your stay provided you intimate us of such extension at the time of your booking. Additional charges will be applicable. No extensions/alterations can be done when the tour is in progress.

Can I just do a part of the tour?
It is not advisable to do tours partly as you wont be able to experience your dream destinations completely. Apna holidays offers you a wide range of products that suit your requirements. Our travel consultants will guide you on the same .

Will there be any change in itinerary or date of tour as we need to plan our leaves and make necessary arrangements accordingly?
We do not change the itinerary nor date of the tour, however in case of force majeure events, circumstances force us to change the routing or date of the tour, as the case may be, just for your safety.

Can I make changes in my travel plan once the booking is done?
Yes, you can modify your booking or travel plan. There may be certain charges for modifications or for canceling the old booking and making new arrangements. The travel consultants at our offices will assist you for the same.

Due to some reasons if I cancel the tour then will I get my money back?
Cancellation of tour will attract certain cancellation charges. The travel consultant will give you the details about such cancellation at the time of booking .

What if the tour that I book receives very less response?
Generally, we operate all the tours that we launch, however in some cases the total number of bookings fall below our prescribed minimum operating capacity, in such cases we give you options and then accommodate or merge your tour with other available tours. You may also opt for our customized packages in such cases, but the services like group games, group activities, meals, tour leader etc may or may not be provided.

Do you provide Leave Travel Certificate?
We do provide the leave travel certificate, subject to your intimation to us about your requirement at the time of booking the tour itself.

What does the World tour price include?
The World tour price generally is inclusive of your travel arrangements, accommodation, all meals, sightseeing, entrance charges, visas, airport taxes, Tour Leader services, etc. For more information on inclusion of tour price kindly refer tour inclusion section on the respective tour itinerary page on our website.

What does the Indian tour price include?
The Indian tour price generally is inclusive of your accommodation, all meals, sightseeing, entrance charges, Tour Leader services,etc but does not include your to and fro journey tickets . However we do have Airport to Airport tours which is all inclusive tours by Air. For more information on inclusion of tour price kindly refer tour inclusion section on the respective tour itinerary page on our website.

Do I get any early booking benefit?
Yes, you get an advance booking discount for all tours on paying full registration amount at the time of booking. Discounts are slab wise and are given on first cum first serve basis. They are valid for limited seats, limited period, limited tours and vary depending on the tour and region, so book early and save thousands. Apna holidays also offers full payment discount if you pay the entire tour price 60 – 300 days prior to the tour departure .

Do you have any benefits for Repeat Travelers and Senior Citizens ?
Apna holidays does have repeat guest and senior citizen discounts and it varies as per the tour. The travel consultant will provide the details when you book the tour .

Do you have any benefits for group bookings ?
Yes, you are eligible for group discount if you book for a group of more than 8 guests on the same day.

Is there any age criteria for discounts? Do children also get discount?
Discounts are applicable for all guests who are or above 2 years of age for both World tours and Indian tours.

What is the difference between Child and Infant ?
Infant is any guest who is below 2 years of age whereas child is guest who is or above 2 years of age and below 12 years of age .

Why there is a huge difference in price for Infant and Child for World tours?
Airlines have different airfares for both infant and child as per their defined age category. For infant, airfare is 10% of the adult airfare whereas for child, it is 75% of adult fare or at times child fare may be the same as adult fare. For child above 2 years we also provide separate coach seats for the entire tour .

Why is the World tour price in Indian as well as Foreign currency?
This is because we incur expenses of the tour in two currencies. Your air tickets, visas, documentation, some part of land arrangements and miscellaneous expenses are done in Indian currency whereas your land arrangements like hotel booking, meals, coach, sightseeing, entrance tickets etc are done in foreign currency

What are the modes of travel on tour?
The modes of travel depend upon the tour which you book. Generally, we travel by Flight, Coach, Train, Cruise, Speed boat, Jet Foil, Cable Car, etc as mentioned in the itinerary. For more information refer respective tour itinerary page on

Are there any night journeys on tour?
For flights we may have night journeys, but we normally avoid night journeys on tour as far as possible.

How hectic or what is the pace of the tours?
We have a wide range of products which are designed as leisurely paced to medium paced to fast. Most of the tours are medium to fast pace as we cover maximum must see sightseeings, we do not have optional sightseeings.

Do we have to walk a lot on Tour?
Generally, we have to walk at sightseeing places, amusement parks and at the airports sometimes for a long distance, however the same will be timely instructed by the Tour Leader.

Do we have to wake up early on tour?
Unless otherwise specified by the Tour Leader for world tour, we normally follow 6-7-8 schedule i.e wake up at 6 am, breakfast at 7 am and departure at 8 am and for Indian tour its 7-8-9 schedule i.e. wake up at 7 am , breakfast at 8 am and departure at 9 am. However, the schedule may change as per the situation.

Do we get wake-up calls on tour?
Yes, you do get telephonic wake up call through the hotel automated system, however it is advisable to have your mobile alarms set to be on the safer side.

What if I reach late and miss a part of the tour?
Punctuality is of utmost importance when traveling in group. We do not want you to miss any part of the tour so please be on time and always follow the Tour Leader’s instructions. In case, you miss any part of the tour, we are not responsible/liable and no refund shall be given to you in this regard.

What if a disabled or a senior citizen needs special assistance on tour?
A qualified companion must accompany the guest who needs such special assistance as individual assistance cannot be given to such guest by the Tour Leader considering he has to manage the entire group.

Can I take a wheelchair on tour? Will it be difficult while visiting places?
Yes, you can bring your own wheel chair and move at most of the sightseeing places but a qualified companion must accompany guest who are traveling on wheelchair.

Will I get drinking water during sightseeing ?
In most of the countries tap water is considered very safe and widely available. Incase, it is not so and wherever Apna holidays provides the same is mentioned in the respective tour itinerary page on the website

Will I get some time for leisure or on my own on tour?
Group Tour Itineraries are designed and planned in such a way that you should get to see maximum places, so you will get time only when you are back at the hotel. However, if you wish to skip any sightseeing, then you have to inform the Tour Leader accordingly, but you shall not get any refund for such services which you have not availed at your own discretion.

At a particular destination, is it allowed if my relative wants to join the tour?
Yes, your relative is always welcome. S/he can join us on tour subject to your intimation to us at the time of your booking and payment of prescribed charges to make him / her eligible to join our tour and avail our services on tour.

For shopping, will Apna holidays recommend places or guide us where to shop?
Our Tour Leader will provide information about the shopping areas on tour, however s/he will not suggest /recommend / promote any particular shop, area etc. to you.

Can I use credit cards for shopping and personal expense while on an International tour?
Yes, you can use Internationally accepted Credit cards for shopping and personal expenses but kindly cross check with your Bank before effecting any transaction. We are not responsible/liable for any loss, fraud, damage, cheating etc., if any, occurs in such cases.

While on a World tour, how can I stay in touch with my family and friends?
While on tour, you can be in touch with your family and friends through a local calling card or local sim card as you may deem fit and desirable. You have to carry your mobile handset. We are not responsible for any charges levied by the international local authorities neither shall be responsible for loss of your mobile handset.

What if I fall sick on tour and unable to continue as per the scheduled tour?
If you fall sick on tour, kindly inform the Tour Leader immediately. The Tour Leader will assist you in making all arrangements for the medical aid, doctor on call etc. However, the expenses will have to be borne by you. Here, Insurance plays a major role hence we highly recommend that you should get yourself and your family insured adequately before travel.

In case, needed can I get medicine on a World tour ?
We highly recommend you to carry sufficient medicines along with you on tour. While packing, distribute them evenly in different bags to ensure that you have some medicine with you incase there is any delay in getting baggage or loss. However you do get medicines on tour but your doctors prescription for the same is a must.

World Tours

Can I upgrade my class of travel or airline?
Yes, you can upgrade your class of travel or airline as per the availability and on an additional cost . Please inform the same at the time of booking.

Can I request for a window seat or seat with more leg space?
Yes, you can request for a window seat or seat with more leg space or an aisle seat at the airport check in counter. It will be provided by airline as per the availability.

Does airline have provision of wheelchair?
Yes, airlines have provision but it is limited hence you need to inform us at the time of booking. Few airlines also have certain charges for wheel chair. Wheelchair is subject to availability and at the discretion of the airline.

Can I book my own air tickets and join your tour?
Yes, for all tours of Apna holidays you have a facility of joining the tour at the first destination and leaving the tour at the last destination. For such tours, you get a “special joining and leaving price”. Joining and leaving guest (J/L) is the one who books the escorted group tour of Apna holidays without taking the services of visa, insurance and main air travel ticket to reach the first destination of the tour and leaves the tour from the last place of Sightseeing / Restaurant / Hotel / Airport to reach his/ her hometown.

How much baggage is allowed per ticket?
At present for most of the destinations, it is 20 to 25 kg for cargo and 6 to 7 kg for handbag per ticket but it does vary with the airline. For guest traveling to US at present baggage is controlled by Piece Concept. Under the Piece Concept, passengers are permitted per ticket to check two bags with a per-bag weight of up to 23 kg for Economy Class . However for internal flights there is no free baggage allowed , your 1 check in baggage cost is paid by Apna holidays but the second checkin baggage if any has to be paid by guest . Also due to security reasons during internal flight the bags cannot be locked, same will be timely instructed by the Tour Leader on tour. Hand baggage of 7 kg is allowed for both international and internal flights.

Can I do telephonic or internet check in on the day of departure?
Most of the airlines in case of groups prefer checkin at the airport check in counter only.

Indian Tours

Does Apna holidays book our journey tickets for Indian tours?
Indian tour price does not include air or railway tickets. Incase, you wish to travel by rail the tickets have to be booked by yourself. We book for your air travel only. However, we also have Air to Air tours where the tour price is inclusive of to and fro air ticket cost.

If I book my own railway /air tickets do I have to submit a copy to Apna holidays?
If you book your own railway / air tickets then the ticket details must be shared with the travel consultant.

Will Apna holidays assist for one way journey tickets?
Apna holidays will assist you with one way tickets for regular tours but for Air to Air packages guest has to take to and fro ticket. They cannot opt for only one way ticket as the to and fro ticket fare is included in the tour price.

How much baggage is allowed per ticket ?
At present, airline is allowing 20 kg of Cargo bags per ticket and 7 kg of Handbag per ticket. In addition to hand baggage one personal item like Laptop or ladies purse is allowed. However, due to security reasons for Jammu and Srinagar flights the hand baggage also goes along with the check in baggage and only laptop or digital camera is permitted inside the aircraft.

Do I need to carry any ID proof while traveling?
Yes, all tourists traveling by air / rail for Indian tours have to carry photo identification proof in the form of driving license, election ID card, PAN card, passport and for students their school / college ID card. Also, at certain sightseeing places in India any Identity proof (execept PAN card ) is a must which is mentioned on the respective tour itinerary.

How is the seat allocation in the coach?
Seat numbers in the coach are allotted on the booking priority, first come first serve basis. Seat numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in each coach are reserved for the Tour Leader / Guide and are Premium seats. Further seat allocation is done as per the booking priority and the same is informed by the Tour Leaders on tour.

How can I get first seats in the coach?
You need to book as early as possible to get the first seats in the coach. However, for selected World tours, seat number 3 , 4 are reserved as premium seats which can be booked subject to availability and at an additional cost. Premium seats cannot be availed if the tour is full.

How many hours approximately is the road journey everyday? Do we have frequent stops en route?
The road journey is completely dependent on the tour itinerary and number of places covered . The driving distance varies for each tour. You get sufficient halts during the journey.

What type of meals are included on tour?
As per the tour itinerary requirement, there is a pre set menu. We serve vegetarian food along with 1 non – vegetarian dish. Breakfast is continental and meals are Indian with an occasional addition of Fast /Local food.

Can I request for Special meal?
Yes, special meal like Jain meal (No onion garlic), Fasting meal (Fruits, Milk or Finger Chips) and Baby meal can be arranged subject to prior intimation. In case of baby meal we provide tin milk, plain dal and rice only, during meals as per the itinerary. For in between requirements of baby we recommend you to carry sufficient baby food along with you.

Do you have a cook or caravan facility on world tours?
For World tours, we generally have meals at Indian restaurants as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a different ambiance and is comfortable. At times, we do give packed food too depending upon the itinerary. For Indian tours, we have our own cook on tour.

I consume tea frequently, is there any provision for the same?
You can have tea /coffee at the time of breakfast. Also, at various sightseeing places we provide tea /coffee /ice cream /soft drink etc which is mentioned in our itinerary under Extra Toppings . Apna holidays also provides you instant tea /coffee sachets with which you can have tea /coffee in your room whenever you want.

What category of hotels are provided by Apna holidays on tour?
The hotels are usually 3* / 4* category with basic amenities.

Are the hotels located in the city ?
The hotels are booked as per the availability and are located at convenient locations.

What is the basic accommodation type ?
For all tours, accommodation is generally provided on Twin sharing basis. Other room types like Single room, Double Room or Triple Room can be provided as informed at the time of booking.

What does Twin Sharing mean?
Twin sharing means two adult share 1 room with two separate beds.

What if I am traveling alone?
It is absolutely fine if you are traveling alone, you can book a single room which is the same size as that of a twin room. In such case you have to pay single occupancy charges. The other choice is to share a room with a co traveler if s/he is single, of the same gender and is willing to share a room with you.

What is a triple room?
Triple room is when 3 adults share 1 room. Usually, a family with 1 child or friends prefer this type of room. The room size is same as that of a twin room and the third bed is often a roll -away mattress.

What if I and my child want to share a room?
For Indian tours, if child is below 12 yrs of age and sharing a room with an adult then child has to pay adult tour price. Whereas for World tours, child below 12 years of age sharing room with an adult needs to to pay Indian portion of child tour price and FOREX portion of adult tour price.

Can 3 adults and 1 child share a hotel room?
At most of the destinations around the world, if you are a family of four then you are given 2 rooms. As per the safety norms, 4 people are not allowed in one room. In this case, if you have a child then s/he has to pay adult Forex tour price.

Is it safe to keep our belongings in the hotel room when we go for sightseeing?
We recommend that you should not carry many valuables on tour. However, many hotels do have safe deposit lockers which you can make use of. Handle the locker keys and password with caution as a fine can be levied if the password / keys are forgotten / lost. Kindly do not keep any valuable unattended in the hotel.

Is porterage service available in all hotels on tour?
Porterage service is subject to availability on prior request with certain charges. In most of the countries, porters are not available as in India so we recommend that you carry stroller bags or four wheeler bag which you can handle yourself instead of porterage service and is faster and convenient.

Do I need a passport for travel?
Yes, Passport is mandatory for any international travel.

If I do not have a passport, will Apna holidays assist for the same?
If you do not have a passport you can apply for the same online on if you are an Indian National, however Apna holidays does assit for the same.

With my maiden name reflecting on the passport, can I book the tour with my married name?
It is important that the tour booking should be done as per your name on the passport as all further travel arrangements are booked accordingly and passport is the only valid document abroad for verification.

What is Visa and how should I obtain the Visa?
VISA is the short form for Visitors Intending to Stay Abroad . It is a permission granted by the high commission or consulate of the country you wish to visit. For certain countries, you have to go for personal interview too. Apna holidays will assist you in filing the visa application. The visa facilitation fees are included in the tour price.

What is the possibility of getting a VISA?
Granting or Non-Granting of a Visa solely depends on the respective Consulate/ Embassy. We just assist you in filing the application for the Visa. We neither assure nor guarantee the Visa to anyone since the same is beyond our control.

If due to Visa rejection I need to cancel my travel plan then do I get a refund?
Yes, you can get a refund after deducting the Visa application fees and cancellation charges, if any.

Do I need Overseas Travel insurance?
It is advisable to acquire adequate Overseas Travel Insurance cover for protection from any possible risks such as damage, loss, accident or injury to life etc on tour. For Europe and Dubai tours, the insurance is included in the tour price for those aged up to 59 years for the duration of the tour. Guest above 59 years of age will have to pay the difference on the insurance premium as applicable.

If I extend my holiday after or before the scheduled tour then how about my Visas / Insurance?
The Visa or Insurance included in the tour price is only for the tour duration. For your extended holiday we will process your visa or insurance accordingly, you just need to pay the difference.

Does the Tour Leader assist us on the entire tour?
Yes, the tour leader will assist you throughout the tour and this is one of the USP’s of Apna holidays. However, they are not responsible for baggage or any kind of personal belongings.

In which languages will the Tour Leader communicate with us on tour?
The Tour Leader will preferably communicate or give instructions on tour in Kannada, Hindi and English.

Generally how many Tour Leaders are provided for a group tour?
For World tours, we have 1 Tour Leader for the entire group where as for Indian Tours, 1 Tour Leader with 1 or 2 Tour Assistant depending upon group size.

How much in advance should I book the tour?
We recommend you to book your tour at least 9 months prior to the scheduled departure date as most of our tours fill up 6 months in advance. For Indian tours, railway booking opens 120 days prior to the departure date. However, if you book early you can avail of the advance booking discounts, priority in the coach etc.

Where can I book the tour?
You can book your tour at any of the Apna holidays offices or Apna holidays’s Preferred Sales Agents or Apna holidays Franchisee.

What are the requirements to book a tour?
To book a world tour, you need passport with 6 months validity subsequent to the scheduled departure date of the tour and with sufficient number of blank pages for visa purposes. You also need to pay a registration amount depending on the tour price. Where as for Indian Tours identification proof and registration amount is required for detailed information on the booking procedure click here.

Do I need to pay the entire tour price at one go while booking?
If you pay the tour price at one go 60 days prior departure then you are benefited as you get full payment discount . It is not mandatory though, you can pay the registration amount to book and pay the balance payment later.

If I am an NRI, can I book your regular Indian tour?
Yes NRI’s can book any of Apna holidays’s Indian Tours. We have seperate NRI tour price in USD for all Indian tours.

Can my son /daughter residing abroad sponsor my tour price in their currency? If yes, then how?
Yes, they can pay the same by Telegraphic Wire transfer but only in USD, Euro and AUD currency.

Prior to tour departure is there any information provided?
We do give pre departure information sheet once you book a tour which consists information about the destination, things to carry, weather, shopping etc. It is also available on the website under post booking information.

Do we get any confirmation call of our scheduled departure?
Yes, 2 to 3 days prior to your scheduled departure we give a call to inform the reporting time and place.

Once we are on tour, how would our relatives come to know about our safety?
Once you reach the first destination, we intimate your relatives through a call and SMS on the number that have been provided by you while booking the tour. Also, we provide 2 sets of hotel list so that one copy is kept with your relatives and they can contact you at the hotel directly.

In case of emergency whom can I contact?
During emergency, you can call on 8970551100 which is Apna holidays’ s Emergency Number.

Do I need to carry multiple currency depending upon different countries visited on the tour?
USD / EURO are universally accepted currencies and easily exchangeable in any part of the world. No need to carry multiple currencies. You can carry the local currency of the visiting country worth $ 50 for miscellaneous expenses and if in emergency.

How much foreign exchange can I carry on tour?
As per RBI circular, the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) per financial year is US$ 10000 per person for private visit and US$ 25000 for business visit.

Is it advisable to carry foreign exchange in Cash on tour?
You can carry cash but we advise you to carry American Express Travelers Cheques as it is accepted around the world. It is safer than cash and if lost or stolen can be replaced worldwide, usually within 24 hours. Travelers Cheques also enable you to budget, track and control your travel expenses easily.

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