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What Our Guests Say

I wanted to take my family out to Singapore and Malaysia. Some of my friends recommended APNA HOLIDAYS and I choose them as our holiday planner. I definitely do not regret my decision. They had planned everything so well that we had memorable and enjoyable holidays. Mrs. Shanthi Norohna & Family
APNA HOLIDAYS made us feel that the Golden Triangle is really the Heaven on Earth. Not only was the trip well planned, but also the arrangements and sightseeing trips were worth much more than we paid for. They had made impeccable arrangements. Thank you APNA HOLIDAYS! Mr. H.M. Rao & Mr. Rajaram Bhat
The reason I have been to a good number of Tours with APNA HOLIDAYS before is because they are the ones that I enjoy the most. Friendly Families + Excellent Experiences + Perfect Places + Superb Sightseeing + Fantastic Food = A HEAVENLY HOLIDAY. ALL APPLAUSE TO APNA HOLIDAYS. Dr. Ratna Kumari
We booked our trip to Kerala from APNA HOLIDAYS last year. We were all colleagues, a few bachelors and a few couples and a few young children. Though we all had our own opinions and choice of Tour operators, after our experience with APNA HOLIDAYS, we have no doubts as to who we want to deal with henceforth. Every minute detail had been worked out for us by them and it was a fantastic experience. Mr. Gurukripa V Rao
My initial Tour with APNA HOLIDAYS was to Far East. After my first experience with them, I was so impressed, that I decided to make my Europe Tour with them as well. Since then, I have just come back from a wonderful Trip to Dubai, Yet again with APNA HOLIDAYS. And I plan to have a few more, in next couple of years. THAT'S the experience you can expect with APNA HOLIDAYS. Not just once, but EVERYTIME you take a Holiday with them. Mr. Jayaram Kamath
The Sri Lanka Tour with my family was a grand success thanks to APNA HOLIDAYS and their immaculate Planning and innumerable contacts. They have designed the holiday as per our convenience. I would give the entire credit of its success to APNA HOLIDAYS for making it happen despite the time constraints that we had. Dr. Yogesh Kumar
I and 5 of my friends had been to Leh - Ladakh for an adventure tour arranged by APNA HOLIDAYS. As we were all like minded and youthful adventure enthusiasts, we were prepared to make do with mediocre to non-existent comfort and more of Adventure activities. However, APNA HOLIDAYS had planned the trip so well, that we had the BEST that the place had to offer and the facilities were exceptionally good. Kudos to APNA HOLIDAYS. Mr. Shashank CS
We had a whale of a time during our Guided Group tour to Europe. Even after Extensive sightseeing, we still had enough time for shopping and relaxation. There were a lot of games and fun pastimes and we just couldn't believe how quickly the 10 days flew by. We were really lucky to be a part of the lively families and i would like to thank APNA HOLIDAYS for having given us such a fine experience. Mr. Madhav Poojary
First and foremost, I would like to commend APNA HOLIDAYS for the excellent services rendered to us during our Trip to Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand. Initially, we were apprehensive, as it was our first tour and we were absolutely new to their culture, language, food, etc. However, Our Tour Manager was well informed about all these details and passed on the information to us very professionally. Thanks for a lovely holiday. Mr. K.T. Suvarna
I was travelling to Singapore with my wife and children. It was the first time the children were travelling with me in foreign tour and I was a little skeptical about the arrangements. I was surprised to see that the entire itinerary was well thought of and the children got to enjoy every moment of our tour. There was no part of it that we missed and our Tour was a grand success, Thanks to APNA HOLIDAYS Mr. Umesh Bhat & family
I wanted to take my bride someplace really beautiful for our Honeymoon.I tried asking a few friends and got a rainbow of choices that we had heard a lot about. When I went and consulted one of APNA HOLIDAY'S holiday experts, they convinced me to visit Bali. THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I MADE. Thank you APNA HOLIDAYS!!! Mr. Abhishek Suvarna
I would like to thank APNA HOLIDAYS for making my Tour to China a wonderful and memorable experience. Meticulous planning by APNA HOLIDAYS and the in-depth knowledge of our Tour Manager were the two reasons that we were able to experience the best of Holidays ever. I have also been to the Far East and Europe with them and would recommend APNA HOLIDAYS to every traveler who wants to have a well planned and well coordinated holiday Mr. Gregory

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