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Let’s Unlock Responsibly. Let’s Travel again 😎

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic and as a protective measure against it, we’ve limited our departures. Sorry for the inconvenience caused..

Let’s Unlock Responsibly.
Let’s Travel Again.

Welcome to the “New Normalcy”..
Can’t wait to see you Holiday with us ❤️
Drop in your query here and we shall get back to you with the best offer..

Dear Guests,
Greetings from Apna Holidays!

Hope you are safe and secure at home.

You are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great distress across the globe and the economy has been affected badly . The travel and tourism industry is among the most affected sectors, with aeroplanes on the ground, hotels closed and travel restrictions put in place virtually in all countries around the world till August 2020.

We are happy to say that post worldwide government measures to control Covid-19, the situation is improving now. Some Airlines are operational on limited routes with limited resources and as per post COVID policies of related countries. Some Countries have opened Tourism with precautionary measures.

In India, Lock down order has been extended from time to time till 31st August 2020, is still in effect and is likely to continue into the coming weeks/months. All transport services- Air, Rail, Roadways are suspended for public & Commercial and Private offices are operated with only 10% of staff . So due to such Force majeure situation, we are Rescheduling all our tours till September 30, 2020.

As the situation improved a little in August 2020, Apna Holidays has engaged with various different Overseas and Domestic Travel Agents, Airlines, Hoteliers, VISA Consulates etc. in order to resolve the touring issues of Tourists. We have called almost all our Travelers by now & informed the happening in Travel sector. Force majeure situation has restricted us to give you further services inspite all logistics were ready well in advance. It has also restricted you to move out for Tour on Departure date. However, considering the unforeseen Covid-19 scenario, most of the service providers in India and abroad have agreed to give credit shell from present booking dates to future possible dates.

All our offices are fully operational from 1st September 2020. We are taking every possible step to save and minimise cost of your Travel. We withstand to operate all the group tours based on Order and Advisories from Governments and in normal situation.

Thanking you.
Apna Holidays Guest Relations
1st September 2020

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